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Creatora is a next gen course platform with learning paths,built in funnels and fantastic support — More money, more time.

People are reeeally excited about this!

As sellers of 15+ courses, we noticed that students are confused, not knowing where to start and how to continue.

We worked to increase conversions by organising courses in learning paths and getting more students thanks to built-in funnels.

It doubled our revenue.

The most loved features

Organise courses together in a timeline and give students a clear order to follow.


Increases by 30% your revenue per student, according to internal studies.

Set courses and specific lessons as free and the platform displays them in order to incentivize signups.


Increases by 35% signup rate and allows you to target new students with email campaigns to increase conversions.

Rich results, meta tags, and opengraph image are generated for every course.


Rank higher on search engines and Google displays your courses as purchasable products.

Collect and showcase reviews directly on the landing page of your course.


By leveraging social proof you can increase by orders of magnitude your revenue. People trust people.

Welcome new students and guide them towards the first steps on your platform, rewarding their commitment with a gift.


Increases engagement rate of new students and accelerates time to purchase.

The platform detects and flags any shared accounts. Then, it's up to you to decide if and how to act. The member is never informed of this.


Around 20% of companies will make a single purchase and then share the courses between employees. Make them a personalized offer and stop loosing money.

Re-engage with students that abandoned their order. The platform tracks and displays all incomplete sales.


Increase your revenue by 5-10% by re-enganging interested buyers.

Why you shouldchoose us?

For the brandable platform

Sell courses, comission-free, on your platform. Pick your language, add your brand colors and set a custom domain.

For the built in funnels

Organise courses in learning paths and stream videos in 2K quality. Grow faster organically thanks to built in SEO and funnels.

For the open data

All your courses / students / discussions / orders - everything - is accessible via the GraphQL API to expand your platform capabilities and exportable in case you need it.

For the open data

All your courses / students / discussions / orders - everything - is accessible via the GraphQL API to expand your platform capabilities and exportable in case you need it.

For the

Creatora Circle

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Creatora Circle

We are building Creatora for you.That's why we limit access. Not to exclude but to make sure we can grow sustainably providing a direct and personalized support whenever you need it.


We are not interested in scaling up as much as possible, and we can afford it because we have bootstrapped.

Limited Access

We limit access to 10 creators each month so that we can ensure quality and effective support.

Community Driven

We build the product with the help of the community of creators, continually listening to feedback and interacting directly with them.


10 Slots available each month

We want to maintain a high level of service quality over time. That's why the number of slots will increase in proportion to the growth of the support team. Right now we can manage 10 new people each month.

Direct assistance from founders

It's important for us to have a direct relationship with you in order to receive quick feedbacks and improve the service. You can talk with us on Telegram, email and in the private group.

Free migration from another platform

The data transfer is a manual operation that we do with you, for free. Your new platform will have the same users, courses, and reviews, you won't lose anything.

Private Creators community

You'll have access to the private community reserved for course creators. You can engage in discussions on how to improve your business and platform.

Let's take

Your course business to the next level.

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